The Adriatic Times Sinke

It has been some time since we posted images of Croatian beaches. However, this time we are bringing you something truly special. In the outdoors of Nin, a small Dalmatian town that held Croatian crown in distant past, one can find Zdrijac Beach. It is a charming site situated in the local lagoon, mostly known for two distinctive features.

Zdrijac’s soil is covered with darkish mud. That doesn’t make it as picturesque as some other Croatian beaches (such as Zlatni Rat or Banje), but that’s not so important to bathers. This type of soil is mineral-rich, and covering your body with it is very beneficial. The mud will improve your skin and increase its looks, making Zdrijac beach a kind of natural spa center.

In addition to mud baths, this place is also known to be a prime kitesurfing location. The winds of open sea can be strong, allowing the kiters to fully enjoy their favorite activity. At the same time, people on the beach itself are spared of stronger breeze, and can have fun with their families.

Without question, Zdrijac is a great spot for all ages. If you want a slightly different experience of Mediterranean beach, consider becoming a guest of its gentle shores in the vicinity of Nin Town. Don’t forget to post an image or a movie clip of your enjoyments to our Facebook Community. In the meantime, check out our own photo gallery below.

Photo: Luka Gerlanc / CROPIX