The Adriatic Times Sinke

As technologies advance, the people’s habits change as well. In past, it was all about having a camera on a mobile phone. Today, getting a perfect image requires a help of a robotic drone that will take the filming gear to new heights, and allow for a great photographing angle.

Unfortunately, bird folk might find the new intruders intimidating, as proven by this image of a seagull disputing the right of drone to fly. It was taken above Zadar by our photographer Jure Miskovic.

Although the photo is humorous, it reminds us to safeguard the natural world and do as much as we can to assure peace of the animals. No matter where your holiday takes you, try hard not to intervene with your surroundings in the way it could harm them. So don’t stress the animals, keep the outdoors clean and respect the basic principles of spending time in nature. Last but not least, be aware what actions might cause fire, and avoid them in every case.

That way, you are bound to have a lovely holiday, and tie yourself even more with the pristine natural sceneries.

Photo by: Jure Miskovic / Hanza Media