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Located in the very center of Dubrovnik historical core, Mia Casa attracts its visitors with unique visual style and architectural bliss. In the 19th century, the building was used as a store for fine wines and vinegars, gathering numerous customers of all cultures and backgrounds. Today, it has a similar use. As a great accommodation for tourists, it is once again dealing with people from afar, adding its charm to their experience of Dubrovnik.


The estate has been in the hands of Vukas family for several generations. Its recent renovation was arranged in cooperation with ANE MALA design company. The work was quite challenging, and the owners note that planning and construction literally took equal time. Yet, the final result is more than impressive.

The floors of Mia Casa are covered with oak tree parquet, while the entire interior is decorated with traditional mosaics. The furniture was manufactured in Trieste many years ago, but as it was well-cared for, it doesn’t show any practical signs of age.


The sleeping chambers of this accommodation resemble rooms of Dubrovnik governors, with white and golden colors being most dominant. Visitors are protected from the sunrays with curtains made of gentle fabrics, while bed blankets were knitted with Egyptian cotton.

However, despite the visual style of old times, Mia Casa is not stuck in the past. The house is equipped with numerous modern technologies. Contemporary air conditioning system is always keeping temperatures on pleasurable levels, and every room has smart lock system, meaning you can open the doors with keycards. Bathrooms are also full of today’s gadgets, adding to relaxing and enjoyable vibe of the place.


The owners are very big collectors, so every artistic item in the house is carefully picked and has a story to tell. This includes impressive paintings on Mia Casa walls, and lovely iron window decorations, known as ferro-quore, which used to be abundant in Dubrovnik’s former days.

Check out the looks of this lovely estate in our photo gallery below, and consider rent during your visit to Dubrovnik:


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