The Adriatic Times Sinke

In addition to Saint Donatus Church, Forum and Sea Organ, Zadar has another interesting feature. The large main street is officially called Siroka Ulica, but nobody calls it that way. Local people usually refer to it as Kalelarga and it has many places worthy of your attention. One of them is certainly Mareta Exclusive Apartments & Rooms, a locality that may become your second home on beautiful Dalmatian coast.

The apartments have recently been renovated thanks to DizViz Design Studio and a number of influential investors. Their joint initiative led to beautiful transformation. What used to be old and obsolete living spaces now became a modern-looking apartments that no visitor leaves without positive feedback.

“In agreement with investors, we decided to arrange Mareta Exclusive Rooms & Apartments as modern accommodations,” said Ivica Mamic of DizViz studio. “Expect the interior to feature geometric shapes and grey tones, countered with ceramics and wooden décor.”  Ivica’s business partner Vedrana Skalic is equally to be praised for the final result.

The smallest available room has 22, and the largest 29 square meters. They all provide truly attractive surroundings for your Zadar stay, so if being a guest of this lovely Croatian city- ead to Siroka Ulica 12 b (remember, people call it Kalelarga!) and spend summer in the classiest was possible. Check out our image gallery below for more information, and consider booking your stay through Mareta Exclusive official website.

Photo: Davor Strenja