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Yes, we are always doing our best to be informative about things happening in Croatia. We take our job seriously. We don’t spy on people and don’t take their photos like a bunch of paparazzo reporters. But here and there, we do lapse from this practice. Hopefully, you’ll understand- and value the fruit of our hard work. After all, we are bringing you an entire gallery of Mamma Mia Stars, enjoying the beautiful sceneries of Vis Island.

For those unaware, the Adriatic Island of Vis has been chosen as a filming destination to the much-awaited sequel to Mamma Mia. The original movie was among the most cherished recent musicals of all time, which doesn’t surprise knowing it features the music of legendary group Abba.

So what were the Mamma Mia Stars doing on Vis? When not actually making the movie, Pierce Brosnan is trying Dalmatian cuisine in local restaurants, together with his family and friends.  Later, he strolls the coastal promenades, always in good mood and having time for tourists who want a photo with him.

Judging from our photos, Dominic Cooper is more of a night stroller. At the same time, Lilly James relaxes in local café bars, catching what little sun has prevailed over upcoming fall weather. Stellan Skarsgard was caught on camera as he walked the Vis Marina.

Despite their moments of rest, Mamma Mia Stars are having busy schedules. Working every day and rehearsing the choreographies is very exhausting, but from what is known at the moment, the final result will be an excellent movie.

Check out our gallery below for more celebrity leisure.


 Zeljko Hajdinjak / Cropix

Tom Dubravec / Cropix