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Our photo reporter Tom Dubravec has recently been in a certain Split skyscraper, located in Pojisanska Street. There he observed the beautiful view of Bacvice neighborhood, embraced by the blue Adriatic Sea. He couldn’t resist taking a photo of it, leading to the image you see above.

The second largest settlement in Croatia, Split is a capital of Dalmatia county. It was founded numerous centuries ago, when Roman Emperor Diocletian decided to construct a large palace on Adriatic shorelines. The grandiose structure came with defensive walls and military protection, encouraging people to settle in the vicinity. Soon, a settlement was formed, and after the Avar invasion claimed the City of Salona, Split replaced it as the heart of the region.

Yet, as one can see from this view of Bacvice, Split is not relying on its glorious past to be noticed. It is a modern urban settlement, full of fine restaurants and enjoyable entertainment centers.  Split also serves as a home to numerous cultural events and musical spectacles, including annual Ultra Europe Festival which gathers the crème of world’s DJ scene.

Tourists visiting the Dalmatian capital enjoy long walks next to the sea, especially along the notable city’s promenade of Riva. The remains of the Palace are also available for a visit, serving as a sort of an outdoor museum. The underground chambers, which were used as large storage spaces to Roman personnel,   are now used by Split residents as a marketplace locality. Venturing through these tunnels are among the most unique things you can experience in Croatia at general note.

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Photo: Tom Dubravec / Hanza Media


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