The Adriatic Times Sinke

In case you haven’t heard, Croatia is full of kissing spots. Some of these have been specially marked by local artists in form of a stone tablet on the ground. Wherever you encounter these sites, be sure to stand on them and have a long kiss with your loved one. Vela Luka Kissing spot has just been installed, so visitors of Korcula Island can also enjoy this practice as well.

Andjela Scepanovic / Cropix

The tablet’s installment is the work of artistic association Likovno Stvaralastvo. The couples often make a photograph of themselves kissing, so locality for the tablet had to be carefully chosen. ¬†After much discussion, a lovely spacing on inlet Proizd was selected. This tiny piece of solid ground is situated right in front of Vela Luka, providing gorgeous view of surrounding Adriatic Sea.

Vela Luka Kissing Spot will surely attract a lot of love birds to beautiful Dalmatian Island. But as already mentioned, Korcula is not the only destination that has such tablet. Explore Croatian outdoors- you never know when you might find another tablet asking for a couple’s embrace.

Zvonimir Barisin / Cropix

And even if you don’t find any official kissing spots, do kiss on your vacation. It’s something that will add to your holidays even more than beautiful landscapes and refreshments of the sea.

Featured Photo: Andjela Scepanovic / Cropix