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The Island of Vis has gained considerable attention of world media after becoming the filming site of ‘Mamma Mia’ sequel. In addition to pristine natural landscapes and lovely settlements, the destination also tenders its culinary traditions. Viski cviti are cookies commonly associated with Vis, and thanks to our recipe below they can be that tiny bit of Croatia you will serve during your next dinner. The following instructions were brought to you by pastry expert Jasminka Zambarlin that runs a small delicacy shop called Cukar in Komiza village.

Be aware that this recipe is quite old and uses some ingredients that may be difficult to find in certain places of the world. Don’t worry- we gave our suggestions for modern replacements. But if able, go for the original ingredient.

What you will need

4 eggs

250 g sugar

1 kg smooth flour



Fennel and Anis Spirit (or some other sweet spirit)

250 g fat

Grated skin of 2 lemons and 2 oranges

200 ml milk

30 g baker’s ammonia (often sold as ammonium carbonate, it can be replaced with baking powder or soda)

Kruskovac pear liquor (or some similar product that combines sweet taste with pears)

Viski Cviti Recipe

Take two large bowls. In first, mix fat with salt, while in the other combine eggs with sugar. Stir eggs with sugar for three minutes and add vanilla, spirit and kruskovac. You may optionally pour some rum as well, or just use sweet liquors that you have available and find your best match.

This egg-mixture should now go into the first bowl and stir until you receive a nicely bubbling liquid. In a separate pan, cook milk and add baker’s ammonia. Slowly add it to the bowl, adding flour while stirring constantly.

Prepare smooth dough and roll it to thickness of about 0,5 centimeters. Cut them in “Y” looking shapes, or as local Vis residents would say “to look like sails of falkusa boat”. These should be baked in the oven for 12 minutes at 180 °C. Once finishes, leave them to cool down and cover with mixtue of aforementioned liquors and sugar. Viski cviti are then ready to be served.

Need some additional help? Check out how Jasminka prepares these cookies in video below (Croatian text included).

Photo: Mario Kucera