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From souvenirs to tasty food spices, Croatian islands are a goldmine of fine merchandize. Secluded from the more crowded shores, they also offer a prime vacation spot for couples and families. However, in recent years, Croatian islanders recognized the need to safeguard their interests on global scale. In order to protect their own identity and unique products, they have formed a business cluster called HOP.  The organization has been recently headquartered in Tkon settlement, which can be found on Pasman Island. More precisely, in the town’s Scraping Center that takes good care of outdoor races in the island outdoors.

Zvonimir Barisin / Hanza Media

In cooperation with Croatian Ministry of Regional Development and Funds of European Union, HOP provides seals of quality to items that can be described as genuine products of Croatian Islands. “The recognition is usually provided to small family farms that produce food or natural cosmetics,” said Julija Radovic Longin of HOP organization. ”However, events of both traditional and modern nature may also be provided with the seal.”

In Zadar County, Islands of Pasman and Ugljan are among the most frequent gainers of this prestigious status. Yet, they are not alone. Check out paragraphs below for HOP obtainers in 2017, as well as products that you can acquire from them in local shops.

Zvonimir Barisin / Cropix

Island Pasman

Valentina Ugrinic (hand-made souvenirs, made of rope), OPG Andelko Palaskov (virgin oil), OPG Stjepan Smoljan (hip syrup), IPG Marin Zalovic (natural jams), OPG Katica Muscet (fig and herb products) OPG Ante Grdas (rose-based face balm), OPG Frane Bojmic (extra virgin oil), OPG Ante Bozic (fig spreads), Obrt Landim (herb spirits), OPG Krsto Matulic (fig acceto) Natasa Burmeta (traditional fruit cakes), Ivanka Milasinovic (wood and stone jewelry).

Island Ugljan

Mate Rancic (olive tree neckties), Kamen Dizajn (stone-made souvenirs), OPG Senka Otavijevic (practical souvenirs made of olive tree), OPG Vojko Skopic (extra virgin oil), Ribarski Obrt Mocun (fish products), Ivan Longin (hand-made souvenirs and ship parts).

Island Dugi Otok

OPG Kesnija Kalcina (natural jams), Darinko Karinja (lavender products, wooden souvenirs)

Island Rava

OPG Filip Simicic (essential oil made of myrtle)

Island Silba

Aranea (traditional cookies, pasta stuffed with sheep cheese)

These are just some of fine things to buy and enjoy on beautiful Croatian Islands.

Feature Photo: Damjan Tadic