The Adriatic Times Sinke

One of the largest wineries of Northern Dalmatia, the Jokic Winery, is located in the heart of Ravni Kotari, between the sea and Mount Velebit, which creates a unique microclimate. The winery is young and still in the development phase, but it has a 100,000 L capacity and its labels feature an image of a cracked hard rock which nevertheless hides fertile soil.

Guided by his love and passion for wine, Dusko Jokic moved to his grandfather’s village of Lisane Tinjske near Benkovca, in the Zadar and Biograd hinterland, in 2007. He immediately started with the restoration of the vineyard, which the Jokic family saw as true dedication.

The soil was untouched and ideal for organic winegrowing. It all started with a hectare of a vineyard with the Marastina grape variety without much of an ambition to turn it into a business. However, destiny would have it for these hard-working people to plant more Marastina, but also Chardonnay and Posip vines. Winemaking was slowly turning into passion. They decided to start with white grape varieties mostly because of their own preference for white wines. Red wines followed, including the renowned Cuvee.

Photo: Josic Winery Facebook