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Istria is known for many beautiful things, from fascinating historical sites such as Amphitheater of Pula to lovely coastal settlements such as Rovinj and Porec. In the close proximity of Visnjan town, famous for its astronomical observatory, one can find impressive lavender fields of Deklevi village. A prime spot for excursion in Istrian outdoors, these valleys also provide top herbal products, based on tradition which can be traced for centuries.

Lavender Fields of Deklevi

“Our mission is to become a village with a story,” explains Vid Matic, a local resident determined to spread the news of his home’s unique feature. “We wish to preserve our way of living in Istrian village, and that means taking care of environment and aesthetical value.” Harvesting lavender was natural selection, as the herb is important for community’s wellbeing and public health. “In a way, having lavender fields is also a way of giving thanks to Earth itself. After all, it is sustaining us all, and we have to be grateful.”

So far, Lavender Fields of Deklevi number 3 hectares and are a real pleasure to watch. Health benefits of this plant are so obvious, that it was used in medicine 2000 years ago. It serves as a natural analgesic and a very efficient defense against infections. During large historical plagues, people would cover their noses and mouths with this plant, shielding themselves from dire illnesses.

In addition to lavender, one can also find fields of immortelle in Deklevi. Due to its ability to stay fresh even after being picked, this yellow flower has been perceived as immortal by herbalists. Common sage is also an often sight in the village outdoors.

Lavender Fields of Deklevi

For more information on this site, refer to Lavanda Deklevi official website. If you wish to enjoy the beauties of continental Istria, feel free to give this village a visit. Don’t forget that Istria is also known for its large truffles, so consider eating some during your stay on Croatian peninsula.

Check out Deklevi atmosphere in our photo gallery below:


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