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Calling all devoted fans of BDM to white sandy beaches of Omis Town, Croatia. This July, Labyrinth Open comes in its second edition, ready to prove its reputation as one of the most thrilling events ever to happen on Adriatic shores. Once again joining prime DJ artists with food, art and high-tech, Labyrinth is the place to be and a festivity to attend this summer.

Labyrinth Open

Staged in a popular tourist camp Galeb, Labyrinth Open Croatia is a joint project of experienced Belgian and Croatian event organizers. Both parties have the same goal: to make the best summer boutique festival one can imagine and leave a mark on European party scene. This was done in 2017 with Labyrinth’s maiden edition, but now the organizers are ready to go even further.

How they plan to achieve this? Learn about the features of new Labyrinth Open Croatia below.

Labyrinth Open

The Most Impressive DJ Lineup in the Region

The heart of Labyrinth Open is its DJs, passionate musical talents that can instantly switch you to party mode with just a few tunes.  No less than 60 of these top-class artists have joined the lineup of Labyrinth open, including music industry legends such as Dubfire, Amelie Lens, Len Faki, Stephan Bodzin, Joris Voorn, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Nick Curly, Pan Pot, Super Flu, Ten Walls and many more. This literally makes Labyrinth the most impressive techno and techno-house event not just in Croatia, but in broad region as well. Some DJs will also perform on festival boat parties, which became the distinctive part of Labyrinth Open and one of its most popular features.

Labyrinth Open

Fantastic Outdoor Activities

It’s all about enjoying summer. In addition to great DJ performances, the attendees will have an opportunity to experience outdoors of Croatia in a truly original way. Imagine yourself taming the wild river of Cetina with your friends in a rafting session or challenge its rocky canyon with your climbing wits. Observe the fascinating landscapes from the height of zipline or pay a visit to beautiful Croatian towns of Split and Omis. In case you wish to have a slightly calmer stay, you can count on massages, yoga practices, windsurfing excursions and many other similar activities.

But it’s not just about fun and games. The festival is imagined to have an educative side as well. A special conference will be organized on Friday the 13th of July, where prominent speakers will lecture on music production, DJ craft, quality promotion, tour management and social media. To some attendees, this conference might be a true business eye-opener and efficient mean to power-up their own careers.

Long story short: It is up to you to choose what kind of experience will you have at Labyrinth Open Croatia. From relaxing and educative to active and adrenaline-pumping experiences, there is truly something for everyone.

Labyrinth Open

Croatian Road Trip

A gorgeous country such as Croatia has plenty of localities to visit. Adventures wait for curious visitors, especially those with driving licenses. This is where Fleet Rent-a-car Company comes into the picture. As one of closest cooperatives of Labyrinth Open, this notable firm calls the attendees to have their very own Croatian Road Trip. Fleet will provide a single festival ticket to a driver, and a 10% discount to everyone booking their services with a code available here. Choose your vehicle, pick up your friends and explore the gorgeous landscapes that made Croatia such a popular tourist destination.

Labyrinth Open

Want to Enter the Labyrinth?

Easy there, party heroes and heroines! The number of available tickets is finite to spare the attendees from dense crowds on the dance floor. Hence, we advise you to book your ticket as soon as possible. Visit the official website of Labyrinth Open Croatia and join the most anticipated music festival of the kind in Adriatic Region.

And if you need a little more persuasion, here is an aftermovie of last year’s festival.

The DJs are ready. The only thing missing is you.