The Adriatic Times Sinke

When we write about Croatia, we usually bring good news. Unfortunately, today is not the case. Every summer, the country is vulnerable to large fires, as it features a lot of forest areas. High temperatures take their tolls, but in many instances, human neglect and lack of knowledge leads to catastrophic blazes as well. This year, the situation is worse than average, especially in Dalmatian region. Even parts of Split have been threatened by what seems as an unstoppable wall of fire.

However, situations like this manage to unite the nation. Those who follow Croatian public scene know well that local society is often divided by political options and unresolved historical accords. But even in such turbulent state, Croats manage to overcome their differences and turn their efforts to helping Dalmatia. Volunteers approach from all parts of the country, descending from professional firefighter brigades to dedicated soccer fan groups.

Precisely because of these heroic individuals, the blaze is currently under fragile control. No human life was lost, thankfully, yet the material damage is high. Hopefully, the upcoming days will bring more cheerful news from this part of Croatia.

Keep us in mind these days, folks.

Photo: Zvonimir Barisin / Cropix