The Adriatic Times Sinke

The majority of people daydream about jumping with parachute, but few actually dare to perform the feat. One of the latter is Robin Mikulic, Croatian journalist of 100 posto lifestyle portal. With assistance of Adventure Driven Vacations, a Zadar-based company which excels in organizing unique experiences for locals and tourists alike, Robin ascended into Dalmatian heights only to engage into free-falling leap from 3000 meters.

“Once in the air, there is nothing but beauty beneath. You can see the gorgeous region of Ravni Kotari on one side, Kornati Archipelago on other and Velebit Mountain from above. And everything is embraced with a beautiful sunset,” Mikulic described his impressions.

“On the day of parachuting, I changed as a person. Not only I am not afraid of heights anymore, but somehow treat with other people in the more open way. You go through experience of complete freedom and sense of happiness, all because of the single jump.”

The whole experience was filmed, leading to a footage you can access below:

If you wish to make your own leap from Dalmatian heights, there’s no better way than contacting Adventure Driven Vacations and schedule your flight above beautiful Croatian sceneries.

Photo: ADM