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On the southern reaches of Croatian sea, one can find Kornati archipelago.  It is a magnificent set of islands that are secluded from the mainland, and provide its visitors with sense of peace and intimacy. Proclaimed a national park, the archipelago annually attracts numerous sailors, but never fails to be a place of quietness and untouched natural beauty.

Boris Kovacev / CROPIX

Island Zut is situated between Pasman and Kornat, and is only accessible via naval vessels. It has no permanent settlements, just havens for local fisherman and olive harvesters. It is a perfect locality for those who like the so-called ‘Robinson tourism’, where the entire idea is to give one a feeling of being alone on a remote island. There are apartments here to rent for those who cherish the more common stay on the shore, as well.

Boris Kovacev / CROPIX

The slopes of Zut mountains give you a fantastic view of the surrounding isles and shores. As you can observe in our impressive gallery below, brought to you by photographer Boris Kovacev.


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