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Imagine a long coastal locality that has crystal-clear water, easy access and gorgeous surroundings. Such spot exists in the settlement of Moscencika Draga, and is called Sipar Beach. According to many passionate bathers, it is the most attractive destination for summer swims in Kvarner region of Croatia.

Sipar Beach

Sipar Beach has shallow entrance, meaning it is well-suited for young children and those at the beginning of their swimming career.  It comes with developed tourism infrastructure and is quite close to hotels and private accommodations of Moscenicka Draga. The settlement itself is quite experienced in providing hospitality, noting the beginning of tourism services in 19th century.

Surrounded with luxurious villas and pristine Adriatic waters, Sipar Beach is a place to go if being on Istrian Peninsula or in Kvarner Bay.  Check out its pleasant vibes in our image gallery below.

Photo:  Matija Djanjesic / CROPIX