The Adriatic Times Sinke

The heatwaves are nothing new during peak summer season in Croatia. Luckly for locals and their foriegn guests, it is easy to find refreshment in the gentle waves of Adriatic Sea. Of course, explicitely sunny days are also ideal for catching some bronze tan. Some people even decide to avoid central beaches, and spread their towels on piers and docks just to enjoy some sunrays without the crowds included. The image above has been taken in Makarska, for example.

Of course, quality sunbathing comes with some rules attached. You should aways take good care of your skin protection, meaning having a high-defense factor sun creme always in the basket. If possible, avoid the peak sun hours and don’t spare on water intake. A lot of people unfortunatelly are not aware of the latter, so hydrate often even if you are not very thirsty.

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Photo: Ivo Ravlic / CROPIX