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Are you a fan of hiking and spending time in gorgeous natural sceneries? The gentle slopes and high mountains of Croatia wait for your arrival. You are wholeheartedly invited to become a part of upcoming hiking event. There’s plenty of time to prepare, and train for this fancy adventure.

The Highlander Velebit is a five day hiking event whose first edition will be held from 9th to 14th September 2017 and where the participants will hike a 104 km long trail.


The trail passing through two national parks – Northern Velebit and Paklenica, and through Velebit Nature Park is very good, especially its first part. The participants may expect 56 kilometers of light descent down a 10 percent slope at the most, enabling their feet to get used to a bit of a rougher terrain, and an ascent in the second half of the trail after Baske Ostarije.

However, even though the Highlander Velebit event is aimed at everyone who wants to enjoy nature and good company, the organizers remind potential participants that this is in fact wilderness and they need to be prepared for all sorts of situations. It is nevertheless important to note that in addition to medical personnel, the participants will also be protected by the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (HGSS), one of the best rescue teams in the world, and that the Highlander is a controlled event, meaning that everyone’s participation, route and position at any given moment is known so there is no reason to fear.


Hikers will start from Zavizan and move along a set trail towards the finishing line in Starigrad. The participants need to pass the whole route in 5 days while carrying their own equipment and basic supplies.

Each participant will get three warm meals on the route and a part of the food will be shipped to Baske Ostarije while additional equipment will be transported to Starigrad so the participants’ backpacks could be lighter. The idea is to enable the participants to have as easy a hike as possible. This is not an event designed to test the participants’ limits – on the contrary, everything was organized as to make the hike easier for them.

The Highlander Velebit is not only aimed at seasoned hikers and amateur athletes – it is in fact an interesting and inspiring event even for beginners who will get to safely enjoy hiking.


How to apply?

The registration fee for the Highlander Velebit is 950 kuna / 130 € and includes three warm meals, dry meals and water on rest stops along the trail as well as transportation to the starting point. Those interested in participation in the Highlander Velebit event can apply on the official website.

Become a part of a fantastic adventure, and join the avid hikers in Croatia.

Milena Budimir / The Adriatic Times