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Croatian region of Istria became quite popular tourist destination, especially in the last ten years. This prompted locals to invest in their accommodation facilities, most luxurious being large Istrian Villas, which provide their guests with nothing but the best lodging surrounding one could hope for.  Situated in romantic landscapes of Istrian peninsula, these estates are often rented during tourist season, or even bought by wealthier, becoming their summer residence.

In order to learn more about these fancy houses, LC talked with Branko Papes, the executive director of Dogma Nekretnine Realestate Company.

Istrian Villas

“At the moment, people of Istria are very active in construction business. A lot of holiday houses are being erected, especially those of luxurious character,” Papes explained. “With so many assets on the market, people are doing their best to stay competitive, so their Istrian villas come with a lot of extra content. Some even have their very own wellness areas and massage spaces.”

In the past, people used to follow the Istrian architectural tradition, erecting houses made of stone. However, the fashion has changed. The contemporary trends include a flat roof and modern, minimalistic design.

Istrian Villas.jpg2 Dogma Nekretnine

“You can find villas all over Istrian region, but they are most frequently found in the vicinities of Svetvincent and Motovun settlements,” Papes explained, adding that each accommodation has its own client. The demand is very high, so reservations have to be made an entire season before.

How much money does it take to rent one of Istrian Villas? In the peaking summer months, the average price fluctuates between 2000 and 9000 € per week. Most frequent foreign clients are Austrians, Germans and English. However, when it comes to buying these estates, Croats themselves are very interested, possibly because they expect villas to be rented and pay back the investment. According to Papes, the initial price of buying a villa in Istria is 250 000 €.

Istrian Villas Dogma Nekretnine

While it could be costly to spend your Istrian holiday in a luxurious villa, the experience would surely be unique and leave you with great memories. If you consider such grandiose holiday, don’t hesitate to visit Dogma Nekretnine website and book your dream house in the lovely region of Istria.


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