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Surrounded by thick forest of oak trees, this Istrian Residence by BR Design is a dream come true to anyone wishing for a peaceful vacation. BR stands for Boris Ruzic, one of Croatia’s most known architectural designers. Projecting this house was a work of several years, but the final result was well worth the wait. “I made it to suit my own taste, style and satisfaction. It is literally the product of my character as it is,” explains Ruzic. “It took me a lot of time to combine Istria’s traditional house-building style with modern, industrial approach in architecture. However, I succeeded both in interior and exterior.”

Istrian Residence by BR Design (16)

We visited the estate during Christmas time, so our photo gallery doesn’t really follow the recent vibe in Croatia (you know, spring is coming, nature is awakening, birds are singing on the trees). However, the house is so charming that it seems as if Christmas never left its pleasant interior. Consider the photos contemporary, at least in metaphorical way. Boris Ruzic encourages people to make their own decorations, especially for pleasant holidays such as Christmas. “We all live in strange world, full of speed and quickness. It’s easier for us to visit a store and buy plastic decorations, than make some of our own. We should change that,” Boris explains. “Play, think… encourage that small, imaginative person in yourself.”

Check out Boris Ruzic’s official web here. In addition, enjoy Istrian Residence by BR design in our photo galley below:


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