The Adriatic Times Sinke

On the global scale, Croatia is among the most popular tourist destinations. The country offers pristine natural beauty, coupled with long history and prime services. Thanks to its fascinating coastline and numerous islands, this Mediterranean haven is a dream come true to many who seek the vacation of their lives.

But now, Croatia became even more desirable. It is the new member of a very important tourist platform called Priceless Cities. The country is presented as a whole, thus it is named ‘Priceless Croatia’.  One can be certain it will find its place on many members’ top lists.

The platform offers luxurious and exclusive experiences in more than 45 popular destinations. These usually include gastronomic events, cultural gatherings and entertainment festivities. In case of Croatia, registered users of Priceless Cities can explore the mythic depths of Modra and Zelena Caverns or enjoy a meal in a fancy restaurant called Meneghello  in Palmizana. Sailing the streams of Neretva in traditional Croatian vessels is also an option.

More classy meals wait in Zigante, the first restaurant in Croatia which specializes in truffle dishes and Fosa of Zadar, which charms with seafood delicacies. As for entertainment, Priceless Croatia can lead you to visiting Museum of Illusions or Outdoors of Dubrovnik. Not to mention that it can provide you with VIP status and backstage access during the renowned Ultra Europe of Split.

There are more benefits, of course. Check out what Croatia can offer you by exploring Priceless Cities website.