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In case you have a large family, or plan to spend your vacation with friends, chances are you will need a rather large staying place in Croatia. The apartment on Korcula we present you today has 160 square meters in size, and is envisioned to host up to ten people on its premises. But it’s not the size that impresses alone. This staying place has a perfect location, providing the visitors with a gorgeous view of Korcula coastline. Plus, it has a notably classy interior, courtesy of Kancelarija Architectural Studio.


The owners of this Apartment on Korcula are a four-member family, which spent years in order to bring it to the current state. Yet, the final result is nothing short of amazing, with dozens of little details which equally impress and provide the feeling of welcome. The idea was to get away from the “Hotel Look” of the apartment and provide a home-like environment for guests. Thus, the accommodation has a lot of unique features, such as numerous artistic illustrations on the walls and kitchen cabinets or large metal nets carrying postcards above tables.


Blue and white tones are most frequent in the interior, providing the house with Mediterranean vibe and pleasant atmosphere.  The apartment has a musical corner, where guests can enjoy prime audio technologies alongside with old-but-gold LPs.

The owners are very proud of the dining room. The table onsite has a magnificent view towards the surrounding outdoors, making even small snacks seem special. And if the weather permits (and in most summer cases, it does), the guests can enjoy the pleasant balcony and have a sip of coffee while watching the sailboats passing by.


This attractive apartment on Korcula is available for rent. It is located in the Valley of Gradina, and eagerly waits for its new visitors. For more information on pricing and availability, click here and schedule your stay in Dalmatia.

Check out the images of apartment in our photo gallery below, authored by Dino Cetinic/


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