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Prosciutto is a type of dried meat made from pork. It is often consumed in Mediterranean region and Croatia is no exception. Unlike Italian kinds, Croatian prosciutto has a layer of fat. It is commonly served as an appetizer, combined with home-made cheese. The process of making a single prosciutto can take up to two years, during which the meat is exposed to spaces of low humidity or even fire smoke. It is not uncommon to let it dry on strong wind, too.

If done right, the prosciutto will have a very strong and salty aroma. It is often advised to eat it without any additional sauces and enjoy its default taste.

The art of serving prosciutto is closely tied to chef’s ability to cut it on thin slices. It is often joked that unless you can’t see a person through a slice, it isn’t cut on right measure. However, one millimeter of thickness should be the optimal size. Special machines have been made to cut in this way, but nothing can replace a hand of a true master.

Enjoy prosciutto during your stay in Croatia, as this specialty is one of the country’s many symbols. The Town of Drnis is especially known for its culinary culture connected with prosciutto.

Photo: Biljana Gaurina / CROPIX