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Going on a vacation with your family is always a nice thing to do, yet it comes with its own stress and challenges. In order to minimize these, the newly opened Hotel Amarin has been literally envisioned as a resort for families with children. It is located in beautiful Rovinj, a coastal settlement in Istria which proved many times to be a Croatian tourist champion.

The hotel numbers 280 accommodation facilities and can host up to 1000 guests. Situated in the town’s northwest neighborhood, it provides a gorgeous view of Rovinj’s historical core and the surrounding Adriatic Sea. In order to reach the shore, one has to simply walk a few meters from the resort’s main entrance.


As already stated, Hotel Amarin was designed with family guests in mind. Most of the interior is centered on the needs of children. The accommodation space is separated with slide doors, allowing children to have their own room, and parents their privacy. The additional content, such as playgrounds and game terrains, are also available.

The resort also comes with wellness and spa zones of considerable sizes, along with seven pools. Some of the aforementioned are located inside the hotel interior, but outdoor bathing is also an option. In addition, Hotel Amarin has six diners, each of them having a special menu for the youngest guests.


The construction of this hotel was the largest investment in Istrian tourism this year. The interior designers were tasked to make it look like a large playing ground, which would immediately invoke feelings of joy and safety. But of course, the hotel is not just a giant slide. It is a spot of comfort and relaxation, which will surely power up the mental batteries of grown-ups as well.


Check out our photo gallery of Hotel Amarin below, and consider leaving your luggage in its cozy premises during your Istrian stay.


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