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Having a high-temperature day could be very tiring, unless you are spending it on Croatian coast. Our photographers went to Dalmatia just to bring you what a hot day on Hvar Island looks like. Known as one of the most popular Mediterranean destinations, this lovely island gathers thousands of visitors each year. Still, it manages to have locations of genuine seclusion, providing peace and quiet to visitors who just want a tranquil moment in the unique landscape.

Hot Day on Hvar Island (11)

Off the record, Hvar is one of those places where world-known celebrities like to hide from the paparazzo hordes. Don’t be surprised if a famous actor or singer occupies a table next to yours in a diner.  As long as you don’t share his or her location, they might even allow having a photo with you.

Tourists usually enjoy numerous beaches along the Hvar shores, as well as local café and cocktail bars. Most of them are situated in the island’s charming settlements such as Jesla, Starigrad, Sucuraj or Town of Hvar itself.

Hot Day on Hvar Island (6)

As one can see on the photos in this article, hot day on Hvar is anything but boring. Check out more of the summer vibe in our photo gallery below.


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