The Adriatic Times Sinke

Every now and then, a viral video appears in the realm of online world that gets global attention. One of the recent ones was of Croatian origin, made by a group called Storm Chasing Team Senj. This passionate community of photographers is dedicated to making images of wonderful sceneries struck by extremely bad weather. Based in Croatian town of Senj, they have plenty of opportunities for such cause. The settlement has gorgeous outdoors that are often subjected to strong outbursts of bora wind (bura, as it is called in Croatian language). Capable of turning a fully loaded truck aside, bora is natural power that must not be underestimated.

But Croats being Croats, they couldn’t resist to make a funny video that involves the powerful wind.  During one of its stronger outbursts, Storm Chasers of Senj decided to drink a few glasses of prime wine in the outdoors of their beautiful town. How they fared? Let’s just say that bora seems to be very anti-alcoholic.



At one point certain participants literally flew in the air. As for the wine, the precious nectar would almost be blown away on its way between bottle and glass. According to recent measurements, the speed of bora has been calculated to be 189 km/h.

Senj stormchasers, however, remind their audiences that best way to enjoy bora is next to a cozy fireplace.  They are literally professionals in this line of work, and people unaccustomed to windy challenges should not play tricks during hurricane-like weather.

Photo: Storm Chasing Team Senj