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The secluded Palagruza Archipelago can be found literally in the Middle of Adriatic Sea. Situated between Croatia and Italy, it is surrounded with rich underwater life and dolomite reefs. It is so isolated that neither Croats nor Italians can see it from their respective mainland coasts.

The archipelago has no permanent population, but the lighthouse is always maintained by operating crew. In hot summer months, tourists are not a rarity, although it takes a couple of hours to reach the coasts of Palagruza.


Because of its position and sea-level altitude, clouds are rarely occupying the skies above the archipelago. This causes rain to fall very rarely on its main islands (Vela and Mala Palagruza). Even when it happens, the bad weather doesn’t stay long.

The air pressure is also very low, and this feature makes the site a rather windy environment. The winds are capable of changing direction up to three times per day.

Onboard a Traditional Croatian Sailing Ship

Another not-so-welcoming treat is that thunder comes with increased volume. A story which is always being retold by Dalmatians is that, during the construction of the aforementioned lighthouse, a worker with pyrotechnics experience was hired. The storm arrived, followed by strong lighting. The sounds were so loud that his stress triggered, and he hid in the local woods for a couple of hours, before regaining his sanity.

Yet, Palagruza has another unique feature, one which probably needs deeper research to be scientifically explained. Probably for a variety of obvious reasons, visiting Palagruza Arcihpelago leaves positive effects on one’s health. This phenomenon was observed as early as 1879 by no less than famous explorer Sir Richard Francis Burton.

Surprise on Island of Palagruza

During his stay on Palagruza, he noted that locals are transferring their sick to archipelago in order to get well. He also wrote that people who work on Palagruzian islands do not have an experience of being ill.

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