The Adriatic Times Sinke

A lot of people are unaware, but old residents of coastal Croatia didn’t care that much about swimming in hot summer months. As a matter of fact, most of them went uphill during hot weather, enjoying fresh air of neighboring mountains. Regina Feritatis is a wooden cottage situated beneath Urljaj Mountain in the southern parts of Lika Region. It may prove you that high grounds of Croatia can be equally attractive as its seaside localities.

When translated from Latin, the name of the estate would be ‘Queen of the Wildlands” and it suits the locality well. Surrounded with untouched nature of Lika, the house has no less than 120 square meters of interior featuring hand-made items and furniture. Only fifteen years ago, however, the premises were completely different. Two small buildings existed and were largely claimed by nature at that time.

“It was a bit frightening at beginning, planning to make a house in such a remote destination,” one of the owners explained to Croatia Times source. “But we fell in love with the place almost instantly, and were determined to make our dream come true.”

The house is traditionally arranged and offers calm, welcoming atmosphere. It can be a gateway to peace from stressful everyday life, especially to people who like to spend free time in the outdoors. And the latter are really impressive, counting 200 000 square meters of private property that visitors can freely use.

In addition to lovely natural landscapes, the house has sunbathing spot and heated pool. There is a relax zone with sauna and bath heated by natural flame, while a small house that is detached from the  main building serves as an entertainment center with darts and billiard table.

If you like Lika and would like to spend some time in Croatian forests, consider booking your stay in Regina Feristas. Visit the official website of the property and have a glance at our image gallery below.¸

Photo: Sandra Simunovic / Hanza Media