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The name might sound as to belong to a character from a fantasy novel, but Zaostrog is actually a romantic settlement situated in a valley beneath Biokovo Mountain.  It comes with all the beauties one expects from Mediteranean settings of Dalmatia region. From lovely beach localities to sites of high historical value, Zaostrog has it all.

Zaostrog Beach

The name is actually a reference to an old keep called Ostrog that was heart of Pagania realm in 7th century. It was a state formed by Croatian tribe that settled around Neretva River. The settlement’s landmark is a large Franciscan monastery that tracks its history up to 500 years in past. It has a museum and exhibition galleries as well as a large library with thousands of books. Zaostrog is known as home of fra Andrija Kacic Miocic, one of Croatia’s most respected poets.

Although Zaostrog may lack the tourist infrastructure of some larger settlements, it is also that much spared from dense crowds. If seeking an attractive spot for you summer vacation, consider yourself invited to this village’s picturesque shores. The images in our image gallery below may be additional encouragement for such decision.

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Photo: Ivo Ravlic / CROPIX