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Roadtrips are always an exciting way to spend your holidays. All you need is a good company next to driver’s seat, a couple of snack-providing friends in the back and a car that won’t remark a long ride. Of course, if you are equipped with a fancy camera gadget that can even be propelled in the air to a certain height, you are bound to have your memories filmed in the unique way.

People behind Ze Caillou YouTube channel had a fascinating journey through European Continent this year. Their roadtrip went through Croatia as well, where they enjoyed the hospitality of Zagreb and Split people. They also explored the gorgeous Natural Parks of Krka and Plitvice, where some of the most impressive film shots were made. Explore Croatia with these road-loving globetrotters in the video below:

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Also, don’t mind checking out other video adventures of Ze Caillou on their offical website.

Photo: Ze Caillou / YouTube Screenshot