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Located in the middle of Zadar’s historical core, the new family boutique hotel gains momentum on Dalmatian tourist scene. Called Almayer Art & Heritage, it has merely nine exclusive suites, imagined to provide home away from home in a cozy and uncrowded environment.  Plus, it has some truly unique features, such as a secret garden that only official guests can visit and a classy bistro Corte Vine & More.

Wearing four star quality with pride, Zadar’s novel staying place is surrounded with city’s much-renowned landmarks, including Antique Forum and Sea Organ. Of course, beaches are also in vicinity, so summer refreshment is just a short walk away.

The just a few years ago, the rustic building was far from its current luxury. It was in 2013 that family Bobic bought the neglected estate, believing in potential it might fulfill in the future. Thanks to their dedication, Almayer Art & Heritage became one of the most popular accommodations in Zadar.

Bonding the atmosphere of residential home and modern art gallery, it additionally awes with elements of distant history. Envisioned by Istrian designer Boris Ruzic, the hotel’s interior leaves little to be desired.  Thanks to natural materials and elegant color usage, the space provides relaxing vibe and feeling of comfort.

Almayer Art & Heritage is surrounded with a 4,5 meter high wall, that was built in Medieval times. The vibe of past periods is additionally strengthened with the outdoor flooring, which was made with manufactured bricks, aligned in the ancient opus spicatum pattern.  Indeed, staying in this place is like stepping into a time machine that leads you to eras of lost Mediterranean civilizations.

The hotel is located on address Brace Bersa 2 in Zadar. Feel free to visit its official website, and check out our image gallery below.

Photo: Level 52