The Adriatic Times Sinke

Ever since they arrived to shores of Adriatic Sea, Croats have been building military ships to guard their naval homeland. The current generation of these vessels is always on duty, and can be seen patrolling the shores.  A unique sight, Croatian army ships are often photographed by tourists during their vacation stay in the country.

Pictured above is patrol ship “Omis”, one of recent additions to Croatian Navy. Named after a coastal city in Split-Dalmatia County, she is 43 meters long and armed with automatic 30mm canon and two machine guns. In addition, the ship has formidable anti-air capacities.

Envisioned and constructed by Croatian War Navy, HRM Omis is one of many army ships that you can see voyaging through Adriatic region.  Thankfully, they are not in combat mode, but securing the safety of both Croats and their guests.

Photo: Jure Miskovic / CROPIX