The Adriatic Times Sinke

Ever since people watched Back to the Future, they dreamt about having a flying skateboard. While not producing the exact same thing, Croatian engineers have made the next best asset in line. A flying surfboard called Plurato Sailfin may soon become available for purchase and become a global hit in naval entertainment.

Basically, it is an electrically propelled surfboard that uses hydro-lifting technology. This means that sailfin slightly ascends above sea surface during movement, detaching itself from fluid resistance and allowing more vibrant motion. The feature allows naval speeds of up to 30 kilometers per hour. At the same time, maneuvering is quite easy and the vessel is accessible even to complete surfboard beginners.

“Working on hardware tends to be more complicated than working with software alone. There is a lot of research and examination,” said Nino Mijac of Plurato Company, headquartered in Croatian City of Split. “We started this project three years ago, but once we got the digits right, it was a matter of months before we made the first prototype.”

Croatia’s flying surfboard is planned to enter serial production very soon. The initial step will be rental of units to people working in tourist industry. Immediately following will be the direct sale to potential buyers. “You can use it on sea, river or lake surfaces. And the engine is reasonably quiet.”

The engine uses rechargeable battery packs for power. They take about two hours to reach full charge and can propel the vessel up to one hour, depending on the weight of the surfer.  The company plans to make a voyage between Split and Brac as a promotional event, which will surely happen in the peak tourist season.

Who knows, maybe you will have the opportunity to surf aboard Plurato Sailfin in the upcoming summer season? In any case, it can only be a fantastic and memorable experience.

Photo: Sasa Burac / CROPIX