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Have you heard about glamping? It is a rather new term in tourism, describing a stay in natural splendor while actually being situated in a luxurious accommodation. For example, glamping on Obonjan Island of Croatia comes with a top-class tent that mimics a room in a five-star hotel. One moment you are enjoying an air-conditioned interior that comes with modern appliances and internet coverage, only to replace it with the gorgeous outdoors of Mediterranean island.

This glamorous form of camping became a hit on Adriatic coast, with the demand skyrocketing in the last few years. Obonjan, an island in Sibenik archipelago, is very much sought after and probably one of the best glamping places in Europe at this moment. In addition to gorgeous coastal and forest sceneries, visitors are welcome to use local fitness and wellness centers, as well as a number of restaurants and pool resorts. Obonjan also has an amphitheater, scheduled to provide musical and theatrical experiences.

The whole project is run by British, Slovenian and Croatian companies, and the accommodations are eco-friendly.   Tents are capable of hosting up to four people, with larger models having more than 30 square meters in size. They also come with several rooms, including an observing deck that allows you to screen your immediate surroundings. Of course, all tents are perfectly safe and comfy, allowing you to relax next to Croatian coast.

Glamping on Obonjan is certainly a great way to spend your summer vacation. New facilities are being added every season, but the demand will probably track the offer. Consider reserving your spot immediately, and assure your classy stay on Croatian shores. Visit the official website of Obonjan Riviera for more information.

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I have been there couple of the times in my whole life to enjoy my holidays and always spent lovely time with my family and friends.


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