The Adriatic Times Sinke

Sometimes you don’t need a lot to be happy. As a matter of fact, you don’t need modern technology and supreme connectivity. All it takes to restore peace in your mind is to depart from the harbor in a small boat and spend the day between golden seas and equally stunning skies above you.

This is, at least, what one can conclude from the picture taken by our photographer Ante Cizmic. Depicting a Split-based fisherman in his everyday duties, it recalls the small things in life that matter.  His next catch might be a great meal for lunch, or a sale’s item to local konoba tavern. In both cases, the fishing itself is more than decent experience.

Certain Croatian settlements have a policy of connecting foreign tourists with everyday activities of local populace. So if you never went fishing on the open sea, having a holiday in Croatia might be the best path to fulfilling that wish. The golden seas of Adriatic coast wait for your arrival. Don’t forget to take pictures and upload them to our Facebook Page, as our online community is always lauding an impressive image.

Photo: Ante Cizmic /Hanza Media


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