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For avid lovers of cheeses across the world, the name Gligora is always gladly heard. This Croatian food-producing firm joins tradition with modern approach, and annually wins a number of influential awards on global scale. Building their expertise on centuries of dairy industry in Croatia, it is the country’s most recognizable brand in high-class cheese products, and this is confirmed every time they join an international competition.

Courtesy of Gligora

The most recent success of Gligora happened in Nantwich, where the jubilee 120th edition of International Cheese Awards took place. It is one of the oldest and most respected competitions of cheese industry in the world. This year, over 5000 products competed in a number of categories, and the jury included the most renowned experts of food scene.

Courtesy of: Gligora

Gligora’s Paski Sir has won the golden award, thus being proclaimed the best hard cheese made of sheep milk. The bronze award was provided to Kozlar, Gligora’s respected product made of Dalmatian goat milk.

This is not the first time for Croatian brand to win in Nantwich, as they already achieved exceptional success in previous editions of ICA competition. The new medals will surely inspire them for upcoming delicacies and add to their already established popularity.  The recognition will also boost their attempts to promote cheese culture of Pag Island , and protect its authenticy on EU level.

If you visit Island Pag, don’t hesitate to visit their base facility and try products of Gligora. Of course, these are available in stores across Croatia, too. Learn more about it on the company’s official website and consider buying some during your summer visit.


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