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History has many records that are uncommon, yet regarded as genuine. One of them is currently circulating the Croatian side of Internet, being shared over e-mails and social networks. It is a funny World War II document, dated to year 1945.

During this peaking moment of global conflict, when Europe was engulfed in final battles against Nazi war machine, a certain ally officer in Brela had a problem of his own. The issue involved a rodent with taste for office props, and the entire thing reached such level of importance that message was sent to command in Makarska. Here is copy of the funny World War II document, written in local dialect. You can read translation in English below the picture.


SUBJECT: Mouse Ate the Cachet

SENDING TO: Kotarski N.O. Makarska

BODY: Mouse ate the cachet. Since mouse ate the cachet, the cachet doesn’t leave a recognizable mark, so we couldn’t seal anything, since mouse ate the cachet. As you can see, the mouse ate the cachet, and we don’t have any, as it was eaten by a mouse.

Secretary Iko Bartulovic

Whether comrade Bartulovic was using this rhetoric in comical context or truly expressed himself in his own words lies unknown. Some may even think his message was coded in a way. Nevertheless, this funny World War II document is an interesting artifact from a distant, yet very turbulent era of Croatian history.

If you are interested in 20th century history, there are plenty of sites in Croatia to visit.  Adventurers are welcome to explore the underwater remains of WW2 fighting craft near Zirje and Vis Island. Fans of Cold War era will be delighted to visit underground tunnels of Paklenica, from where Yugoslav leader Josip Broz Tito planned to lead the country defense in case of invasion.  Also, check out the real images captured immediately after bombing of Rijeka.

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Featured Photo: Ivo Ravlic / Cropix



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