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There are many reasons to visit Split, but not all of them are associated with its long history, fancy nightlife and beautiful beaches. The renowned Croatian city has its odd size as well, one of its most recognizable features being the bizarre museum called FroggyLand.

Basically, it is a collection of stuffed frogs poised in a way which reflects ordinary human sights. Observe how green animals are visiting the dentist or are gathered in order to get a family photo. Witness the trial of the frogs, as well as their participation in various sport events.

As the highly popular attraction, FroggyLand is among the most visited localities in the Diocletian’s City. It can be found on the address Kralja Tomislava 5, in the halls of former Cinema Tesla. The attendees usually describe the exhibition as original, surreal and hilarious. It is also a great spot for visiting with kids.


Yet, the museum is not just a spot of humorous art. It has a very interesting backstory, involving its author, the mysterious eccentric called Ferenc Mere. He was an expert in taxidermy (an art of stuffing animals) and made all the content of exhibition.

Mere worked on frogs using a special technique, which requested the stuffing to be inserted through the animal’s mouth. Because of that, the bodies of frogs were left intact and suffered no lacerations which usually follow the taxidermy process. Of course, the frogs were already deceased at that time.

Between 1910 and 1920, Mere constructed more than 20 scenes from human life with stuffed frogs. The amount of skill required for such task was rather exquisite, not to mention that over 500 animals had to be processed. Each of them required positioning and stability in order to reflect human figurine with precision.

Josko Ponos / CROPIX

The artist has provided Split with a unique exhibition and the testimony of an old craft. Everyone is invited to visit FroggyLand, and enjoy its witty exhibits. Learn more about the museum here. Be aware that this stange and unique place is not working in the winter months.

Feature Photo: Froggyland


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