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With so many coastal destinations in Croatia, it is sometimes difficult to pick the right one for your stay. To inspire your arrival and help you pick the best spot, here is our list of things to visit on Croatian Islands. Of course, this is just a small part of things that you may experience while having a pleasant stay on Adriatic coastline.

The Pastries of Krk

Just a decade ago, measurements suggested Krk to be the largest island in Croatian Sea. However, more precise equipment showed Cres is slightly larger, or at least having the same coastal territory as the aforementioned. However, Krk could easily be perceived as the tastiest island, since it has a delicious cake specialty called Presnec. This sheep-cheese pastry product is literally available in every settlement of Krk, so don’t leave without trying it.

The Monastery of Lokrum

Dalmatians usually deem Lokrum to be a cursed island, and some even swear to have encounters with ghosts alongside its shores. The tale is connected with monks of Benedictine order, who were chased off from the island in past, leaving it under a curse. However, the building of their monastery is still there, tracing its history to as early as 11th century.  Visitors are also welcome to explore the local botanical gardens, which were used as scenery to filming Game of Thrones.

The Blue Grotto on Bisevo

Guests of Split shouldn’t hesitate to tour a small island called Bisevo. In one of its small coves, a rare phenomenon can be witnessed, as sunrays reflect in all directions after reaching the white bottom of the sea. The final result is a mystical natural setting, a dream-like experience caused by blue tones of sun and water. You may visit Blue Grotto from Vis and Komiza settlements, as well.

The Nightskies of Lastovo

One might find it odd to visit a certain destination just for the sake of viewing the night sky. But in case of Lastovo, it might be a trip worth taking. Being secluded from urban sources that generate light, this island features among the darkest skies in Europe. This makes the star-shine extremely clear. For aspiring astronomers and those who admire the celestial bodies, Lastovo is certainly a great destination to visit.

These were just a few things to visit on Croatian islands. Find many more in our Destination Section.

Feature Photo: Danijel Soldo / Hanza Media


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