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Located in the close proximity of beautiful Sibenik, Vodice is among the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia. This small settlement became very popular in recent years, and there are many reasons why you should spend your summer vacation on its premises. We deliver five things that made Vodice the star of Croatian tourism.

Ancient Roots

The geographical area of Vodice is very attractive, so there is no surprise that it was settled even in the earliest centuries of written history. Known at the time as Arausa, Vodice was a notable locality of Roman Empire and of viable importance to local area even in that era.

Brave Warriors

Today, people of Vodice are polite and hospitable- but their ancestors had other kind of virtues. As passionate warriors, they often partake in battles with Ottoman Invaders, which were common theat during most Croatian past. The witness of those times is the large fort of Coricev toranj located in the middle of the settlement.

Venice, Austrian and French Territory

Throughout history, several flags would wave above Vodice roofs. The town was under Venetian authority until late 18th century, when it became a part of Austrian Empire. For a brief period in earliest 19th century, Vodice was under the rule of French people, only to return the rule to Austrians shortly after. In all that time, Vodice kept its ties to Croatian culture and the nation’s distinctive identity.

The Wine Locality

You can’t talk about Dalmatian village without mentioning the wine. Full of vineyards and cellars, the region is known for its grape products that rival some of the best in the world. Vodice is not different. As a matter of fact, about a century ago the settlement produced so many wine bottles that a steamship had to pick them up on the weekly basis. Today, you may enjoy the glasses of both red and white nectar in a number of local inns.

 The Heart of Culture

The town is the host of numerous cultural gatherings throughout the year. These come in variety of kinds and sizes. For those who love to party, there is CMC festival that promotes regional pop music. Fans of more traditional sounds can enjoy the annual klapa manifestation that tenders this unique vocal expression of Croatia.

Which things on our list you didn’t know about Vodice? Share them in our comments section below.

Photo: Niksa Stipanicev / CROPIX


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