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One of Dubrovnik’s unofficial symbols, Proto is not just a perfect dining place to try Croatian specialties. It is literally a monument to Dubrovnik lifestyle and the attitude of its citizens. We bring you five things to know about Restaurant Proto, and explain why this diner became such a popular spot both to local and tourist visitors.

Long History

The street in which Proto is located is called Siroka Ulica.  It has always been a site connected with fine food and top-notch meals. As a matter of fact, there was a restaurant on Proto’s precise location as early as 1886. At that time, the place was called “Riblji Restoran” (“Fish Restaurant”) and was often visited by most notable Dubrovnik individuals.

Named After the Owner

The official name of the diner is “Riblji Restoran Proto”, the final word being the nickname of the owner.

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Having a Dedicated Team

Although serving the food based on centuries of Croatian cuisine, people behind the counters are vivid, passionate experts of relatively young age. The kitchen is run by exceptional chef Bosko Lonac, while he diner’s manager is Kosta Vukota. They are just the leaders of a dedicated team, each of the members being determined to leave a lasting impression on every visitor.

Home of Croatian Wines

Although wine chart includes some notable foreign wine labels, Proto’s enological approach tenders Croatian products. Thanks to one of Croatia’s most known sommeliers, Sinisa Lasan, every guest of this restaurant can be introduced to fascinating world of Croatian wines, and choose the one most suitable for his or her food order.

Fantastic Outdoor Terrace

Dubrovnik is a unique city, having a long and interesting history. Every alley has a story to tell, and no two are the same. Proto’s terraces are surrounded with ancient residences and charming street paths. In the evening hours, the starry nights contribute to the romantic vibes, making the restaurant a prime spot for romantics and lovers of fine food alike.


These were five things to know about Restaurant Proto. Discover many more of its unique features by visiting it in the fascinating city of Dubrovnik.


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