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Planning to have a vacation on Croatian Island? In that case, we list five reasons to visit Korcula, a notable location in Adriatic Sea that just waits to be explored by curious travellers.

Marco Polo Museum

The world’s most famous merchant was Venetian in origin, but some historians trace his origin to Korcula Island. In order to commemorate this, a beautiful museum was opened in the house which is believed to be his birthplace. Featuring puppet-made scenes which show Polo’s most notable career moments, the museum introduces its visitors with the adventurous travels this individual took in order to connect European Cultures with Asian Empires. Check out the official website for more information.

Moreska dance

The Dance Moves of Moreska

Warrior dance of Moreska is one of Korcula’s official symbols. Originally envisioned and spread through Europe by Spanish, today it is being practiced only in Croatia, in which it arrived in late 15th century. During the dance, the participants wield sabers in their hands, occasionally striking them to the point of causing sparks. A unique and impressive sight to witness, Moreska is daily performed in Korcula town during summer evenings.

Olive Picking for Tourists

For numerous epochs, olives were harvested in Mediterranean region, and made a strong influence on its diet and cuisine culture. But that is not the only interesting feature of these plants. Their trees are among the most vital beings on our planet, some having stunning 2000 years in existence. Abundant on Korcula’s soil, olives can be picked by tourist groups in the Valley of Crnja Luka, on the property of Bacic family. Staying on their agro-tourism estate will also introduce you to art of winemaking and what life looks like for a village farmer on Croatian island.

Nikola Vilic / CROPIX Agency
Nikola Vilic / CROPIX Agency

A Gorgeously Scenic Cathedral

Fans of old architecture have plenty to see in Korcula, as its main town (also called Korcula) has its very own system of old ramparts. And above these defensive structures, one can easily notice the magnificent tower of St. Mark’s cathedral. The grandiose building has two statues made by renowned Croatian sculptor Ivan Mestrovic, and a 400 years old painting by Venetian master artist Tintoretto.

Lovely Aquatic Beings

Meeting a dolphin in Adriatic is always thrilling experience, as these animals are known for their playful nature and friendly approach. Although one has to be aware that dolphins are easily disturbed, encounters in waters surrounding Korcula are relatively frequent. Embark with a guide or experienced local sailor and you’ll certainly have a high chance of being introduced with these unique inhabitants of Adriatic waves.

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These were just five reasons to visit Korcula. Book your summer vacation on this island, and find many more ways to enjoy its pleasant vibe and beautiful nature.


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