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Matulji is a small county in the vicinity of Opatija Town. It literally lies between Croatian regions of Istria and Kvarner. We bring you five reasons to love Matulji, and why you should consider them as your staying place in Croatia.

The Forest of Lisina

This protected area features numerous plant and animals species, and is a perfect site for strolls and excursions. With about 14 square kilometers of woody space, it can also be a notable winter destination as it is close to mountainous areas of Gomila, Vodicke Grize and Vodice.

Prime Gastronomy

Although the region doesn’t have access to Adriatic Sea, it is close enough to base its culinary offer on fish. Matulji are also influenced by Istrian cuisine, meaning you may taste prime truffles and similar inland delicacies. Try home-made delicacies in local konoba-inns and charming family restaurants.

Zvoncar Noisemakers

In old times, it was believed that evil spirits can invade villages and cause mayhem. In order to chase them away, local residents were supposed to make as much noise as possible. Thus emerged the bell-ringing zvoncar people, dressed in traditional costumes and usually traversing the settlements in merry atmosphere. The custom is practiced in early months of the year, and is under UNESCO protection.

The Delight of Birdwatching

The outdoor area of Matulji is very diverse, with numerous landscapes and terrain types. Such scenery attracts birds, as well as people who find pleasure in observing their behavior. One can do so alone, or attend a specially envisioned bird-watching tour for a fee.

The Taste of Jarbola

Matulji is a region with grapes of distinctive quality, which in return lead to fine wine products. Jarbola, also known as Jarbolica Stara, is indigenous kind of wine under state protection, and produced only in limited qualities.

These were just five reasons to love Matulji County in Croatia. Have a visit to this region, and discover more ways to enjoy its lovely sceneries.

Featured Photo by: Franjo Slavic / Matulji Tourist Board


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