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Situated on the northwest shores of Krk Island, Malinska used to be a safe harbor for ships travelling Kvarner waters. In the 19th century, a large steam-powered vessel arrived to its port, an event which is generally perceived as a beginning of the settlement’s prime tourist offer. Although having just a little more than 500 inhabitants, Malinska is quite recognized as a vacation destination, thanks to lovely Adriatic surroundings and good connections with Croatian coast.

Here are a few reasons to love Malinska, and why should one consider visiting it for a holiday or two.

TZ Malinska
TZ Malinska

Glagolitic Heritage

The unique Slavic alphabet called Glagolitic dates as early as 9th century, and was a vital asset in sharing knowledge and information in old times. Numerous traces of its culture are present in Croatia, and Malinska’s Catholic monastery, next to St. Mary Magdalene’s Church, is an important source of this historical tale.

Sandy Promenades

People who like physical activity have numerous reasons to visit Malinska. The settlement has lovely Adriatic beaches, all coming with modern tourist infrastructure, offers and services. In addition, more than 50 kilometers of sandy walking tracks surround the settlement, connecting various points of interest and neighboring settlements of Njivice, Dobrinje or Krk Town. Bicycle is also an option to traverse these lovely paths, surrounded with pristine nature.

TZ Malinska

Sacral Culture

The next feature on our list of reasons to love Malinska is rich local spirituality. Malinska is a home to several notable Churches, including those dedicated to St. Apollinaris (who is also patron saint of the settlement) and St. Francis. These localities are active in religious life of local citizens, but also offer original gallery spaces for art pieces.  The last Fridays and Saturdays in the month of July are traditionally celebrated as ‘Malinska Nights’ and include rich cultural program.

Unique Entertainment

Surprisingly enough, Malinska has a strange history with internationally renowned adult magazine Penthouse. In early 70’s, an interest was shown by the paper’s officials to invest in the local casino of Haludovo. At one point in time, about 60 female models were brought to Malinska’s gambling house in order to improve its glamour status. However, the business didn’t last. Haludovo is currently closed, but hopefully that will change in the future.

TZ Malinska
TZ Malinska

Ship Excursions

Having a boat trip in Adriatic Sea is always a fantastic adventure, yet vessels departing Malinska are truly taking its crew to fascinating localities. Have a ride to beautiful Island of Cres, drive beneath the large Krk Bridge or have a panoramic trip to Glavotok. The captains of local tourist ships are anxiously waiting for your arrival.

These were just a few reasons to love Malinska. Visit the settlement’s Tourist Board and learn even more about its unique features.


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