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Croatia is rising in popularity across the globe, but many people are not aware that they are, at least mentally, residents of this Mediterranean country. While the following features won’t grant you a visa or working permit, they prove that you belong to romantic coastal region in a special way.  See how much you qualify to be one of Croatia’s own and whether you are a true Dalmatian in heart.

Duje Klaric / Hanza MEdia

You take it easy

Bothering with every little detail never solved anything. Whatever happens in life, you know that things will turn out fine. Challenges come, and even darkness finds its way in one’s everyday living, but as long as there is findable beauty in the cry of a seagull or dolphin’s jump above the water, important issues will finish in a good way.

You enjoy your rest

Some people think you are lazy, but you know better. Who wouldn’t have a smiling face while resting in pine tree’s shade, after having a delicious lunch? Or while spending hours in reading interesting books on café terraces, next to a glass of wine or cup of coffee? Your achievements prove how much hardworking you are, not your resting habits. That’s why you enjoy every second of your leisure time. Dalmatian in heart values moments like that.

Celebrating St. Domnius in Split
Zvonimir Barisin / Hanza Media

You put olive oil in everything

When eating a dish you never had on plate before, you immediately imagine how it would taste with a few drops of olive oil. Maybe you even experiment in kitchen with various recipes, adding this ingredient just to see how it fits in the broad picture. And maybe secretly, you even spill some on your ice-cream.

You are passionate

It doesn’t matter whether it is love, hobby, artistic expression or professional career. Whatever you do, it’s always filled with fire-like passion and stubborn dedication. Your competitors might be better in every other field, but attitude is your territory. For you, life is a song supposed to be sung loud.

You always remember your roots

During history, many Dalmatians ended up being long-voyage seamen. But no matter their rank, from captains to regular sailors, they always longed for their homeland’s shores and anticipated return to Croatia. If you always carry something to remind you of your own home, but are not afraid to travel distant lands, you have a Dalmatian soul. Enjoy it, and be proud.

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Featured Photo: Stipe Surac


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