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There are many nice plants that bloom in Croatia, yet one of the dominant floral species on the country’s islands in lavender. There’s no secret that this beautiful field asset has a wide range of appliances, and can be used in a variety of ways. Here are five ideas what to do with lavender, especially if it is acquired on the lovely fields of Adriatic isles.

Make a Relaxing Bath

Lavender has a very pleasant smell that causes natural relaxation in human body. If you add lavender to your bathing salts, it will contribute to your sense of well-being and introduce you to a very renovating sleep.

Relief Pain with its Healthy Oil

If you don’t have some lavender oil in your home apothecary, buy some immediately. Possibly the best possible treatment of burns, the liquid works as a disinfection and pain relief at the same time.  Plus, it can be used as sedation mean as well. Just rub a few drops on your skin or on the sleeping pillow, and the calming smell will drift you to dream land.

Leave it in Your Closet

Lavender has a strong smell, which easily passes on to neighboring items. Leave some plants in the closet, and your clothes will always be refreshed, not having that “storage scent” we all try to avoid. Plus, lavender is known to repel insects, mosquitoes being the prime example.

Use it in the Kitchen

There are so many fantastic recipes that include lavender. Use it with cakes and cookies, or even cover ice-cream bowls with its flowers. Put a few of these in hot chocolate, and just grab a book to enjoy a chilly evening. Finally, couple your lemonade with lavender, and you’ll never have a drink without it.

Have it as a Gift

If visiting Croatian islands such as Rab or Hvar, be sure to buy a few tiny lavender bags. They might be a perfect gift to your friends back home, yet they won’t harm your travelling budget.  Leave some to yourself, and always be reminded of the calming fields that dominate the island landscapes in Adriatic region.

These were just a few suggestions on what to do with lavender. Share your ideas in our comments section below.