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Planning to visit the romantic Island of Korcula in Croatia’s Dalmatia region? Lucky you, it is one of the most beloved localities in the country. In addition to old stone-walled settlements and amazing swordplay dance called Moreska, the isle is a fantastic spot to try local delicacies thanks to numerous restaurants and traditional ‘konoba’ taverns. Here are five spots all food lovers on Korcula should try.


Situated in the vicinity of main captain’s quarters and a frog statue that serves as a waypoint in Korcula, Aterina is a charming konoba equally loved by locals and tourists alike. Having a large terrace and stone-paved floor, it provides a beautiful view to the island’s western shores. The menu is filled with fantastic dishes, but appetizers are what make this place special. You should definitely try chickpeas spread with salted anchovies or roasted bread with rocket salad pesto.

Mario Kucera / Dobra Hrana

Soups of the day are also an attractive option, chosen and prepped by chef Maja Krsinic. As for main course, consider ordering macaroni with pesto or roasted eggplants. Also, any dish combining freshly caught fish and freshly picked veggies is also a good option. The price range never exceeds 130 HRK / 18 € per order.  Find Aterina on address Trg Korculanskih klesara i kipara 2.


In the historical core of Korcula, one can find a rather unique set of artifacts: large cannons that were used to defend the city in times now long gone. These weapons now serve as a reminder of the settlement’s notable history. Close to this locality is ‘Philosopher’s Street’, an alley which has no stairs, thus providing a safe terrain for local thinkers to stroll while reading books.

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In this unique setting, a restaurant called Pensatore has been founded by Stankovic-Kralj family. Known to provide top-class cooked lamb (janjetina na leso), it is a dining spot lauded by every local.  The family has also modernized some of more traditional specialities of Dalmatian cuisine, making them more attractive to numerous tourists who like contemporary approaches in cooking. Find Pensatore Kitchen & Wine on address Setaliste Petra Kanavelica.

Konoba Mate

No guest leaves Mate without being impressed with its imaginative desserts. From cake featuring ice-cream and dark beer to sweet specialties spiced with red pepper, this not-so-traditional konoba surprises with every meal served. Another unique dish is a portion of pralines that are stuffed with basil.

Tom Dubravec / Cropix

The meals are prepped with fresh ingredients hand-picked by family that runs the restaurant. The kitchen excels in food prepared from young goats, but owner Mate is the chief once slicing of prosciutto comes to mind. Find this family-run dining enterprise in Pupnat village on address Pupnat 28.

Konoba Maha

Imagine spending a summer day surrounded with traditional Dalmatian interior, rustic furniture and romantic atmosphere. Precisely such layout awaits for you in Maha, a family ranch that also has a restaurant on its premises.

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Having a large terrace that is always ready to serve cold beverages in peak summer days, Maha is a quiet and secluded locality. You won’t be disappointed with the menu. We recommend ordering a portion of Korculan macaroni, truffle tagliatelle, lamb and goat roasts and dine prepped under peka iron bell. Visit Maha Ranch in Zrnovo Village, on address Vrsi bb.

Konoba Maslina

A few kilometres away from Korucla’s Old Town lies a suburb called Sveti Anton. Here, a family-run tavern called Maslina (Olive) delights with its offer of Dalmatian specialties. Of course, expect a lot of olive-based dines, but seafood and home-made pastries are also something you don’t want to miss. All this, in Lumbarajska Street bb.

Tom Dubravec / Cropix

These were five places for food lovers on Korcula. The island hides many more tasty surprises, so consider visiting this renowned Croatian locality during your summer vacation.

Feature Photo: Milan Sabic / CROPIX