The Adriatic Times Sinke

The region of Kvarner is very popular tourist destination in Croatia. It is situated between Istrian Peninsula and Dalmatian territories, and has been the favorite summer haven to numerous noble families of the past times. It is not surprising that a lot of modern-age people wish to settle permanently in this part of the country, including the foreigners interested in estate investments.

According to Branko Pepes of real estate firm Dogma, large vacation houses are highly demanded, their pricing range circulating between 200 000 and 500 000 Euros. Most of these are bought with rental in mind, and owners manage to return five to eight percent of the purchase price in a single season. For comparison, the price of a single residential apartment is about 100 00 Euros.

Here are five high-class estates currently available for purchase in Croatia. If having the will and financial assets, consider acquiring them before somebody else does.

This stone villa provides a gorgeous view of Kvarner Bay, and has no less than 260 square meters in size.  It comes with three sleeping rooms, one living room, garage, apartment and several maintenance chambers. The surrounding land has 540 square meters, including a heated pool. The price is 939 000 €.


In Kras Settlement on Island Krk, one can find this 266-square meters large Mediterranean residence. It features traditional architecture mixed with contemporary technologies and technical solutions. The house has three rooms, each with separate bathing facility. A large pool and billiards table is included in price, which is set to 475 000 €.


Another residence on Island Krk, this one has the size of 200 square meters. It comes with rustically decorated interior, impressive pool and considerable sunbathing area. In the back yard, one can also enjoy an outdoor bowling terrain. The surrounding terrain numbers 750 square meters in size. All this can be acquired for the price of 485 000 €.

This modern-looking estate can be found in Klenovica settlement, near the town of Novi Vinodolski. It has 168 square meters of interior which includes several sleeping rooms, fitness area and a number of bathrooms. As one can see on the image, the house has a private pool, and can be bought for 510 000 €.


The second estate located in Kras settlement, this one has 120 square meters of interior, situated in the very heart of Krk Island. With three large sleeping rooms and outdoor putting green golf terrain, this house bonds class with tradition and certainly leaves a positive impression. The price for such class is 330 000 €.

Interested in obtaining these estates? Visit Dogma Real Estates and arrange your home away from home in Croatia.