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The Adriatic Sea is a well-known fishing location on the global scale, and offers plenty of great opportunities for great catches. The success of the recent fish-hunt won’t be easy to repeat, though, as it involved the largest tuna ever to be caught in Croatian waters.

The gigantic fish was caught about a month ago, in the seas surrounding beautiful town of Rovinj in Istria region. The animal numbered 3 meters and had a notable weight of almost 350 kilograms. It belongs to bluefin kind.

Fisherman Caught the Largest Tuna in Croatia

The honor of obtaining such unique specimen belongs to Ozren Bozic, captain of the vessel Abyss Fishing Charter. He was assisted with two of his crewmembers, Patrik Dzaja and Petar Bijuk, as the animal was very difficult to catch. According to their report, it took them almost three hours, but at the end, the fish was brought on the deck.

Bozic’s ship is among the small number of vessels which are licensed to fish tuna in Adriatic Sea. Due to their extraordinary taste, these fishes are much sought in restaurants and diners. Precisely because of this reason, their catching is highly regulated and under close surveillance by professional fishing organizations.

The largest tuna of Croatia is really an inviting sight for everybody interested in throwing lures in the refreshing Adriatic waves. Especially those who intend to spend their fishing experiences in Rovinj, one of the most successful tourist-destinations in Croatia.

Rovinj Beach Polo Goran Sebelic CROPIX (7)

The romantic town is known to host numerous cultural and entertainment events throughout the year, and is one of Croatia’s most visited destinations. Surrounded both by clear waters of Adriatic Sea and charming inland sceneries of continental Istria, Rovinj is among the best places to visit in Croatia.

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