The Adriatic Times Sinke

No matter how a large city can be dynamic, there are always tiny spots that provide peace and calm. In Croatian City of Split for example, such place can be found in the heart of Diocletian Palace, on address Dominisova 9. It is called Galerija Food, and it is literally a beautiful garden that is secluded from busy streets. In addition to being a haven from crowds, the spot offers some quite delicious food.

The guests are surrounded with examples of old stone-based architecture and bushes of Mediterranean plants.   Such ambient provides everything one imagines from vacation in Croatia, especially once fine dine is served. Owned by locals Daniel Kekez and Gojimir Matijasevic, Galerija Food has quickly gained a lot of renown. Their guests include residents of Split as much as foreigners seeking a peaceful place to gather their impressions of beautiful city.

“We invested a lot of love and effort to have a garden such as this,” one of the owners commented. “The plants provide both visual attractiveness and refreshing smell to our visitors. As for the rest of the design, the key element is simplicity. By default, floral assets and old stone walls are playing the leading role. We just added some iron and wood elements, together with a few blue pillows.”

Having a garden in the middle of Diocletian Palace has proven to be a great idea. The ancient estate is very attractive, yet if lacks green spaces. As for the food, the meals are prepared from organic ingredients and based on local culinary culture. Interestingly enough, the menu changes with every new day, so you never know what kind of delicacy you can try in Galerija Food.

Intimate and romantic, this fancy spot may just be the place you are looking for as you explore the magnificent sceneries of Split.